Minnie looked on with pride and joy.  My children were good people.  After asking if I’d be alright for a minute,  Minnie  smiled as her son helped an elderly woman across the gravel that made walking with her cane difficult at best.  Job accomplished, he returned and picked up her bags, wrapped a protective arm around her and together toddled off to the car.

How many parents could say they looked at their children, remembering the playful antics, the squabbles between siblings and in the end, realize the nurturing, caring, loving had been so worthwhile?  They carried on the legacy of “do not harm”, be respectful of those deserving, be compassionate but not a mat, and above all, remember love.  Begin and end each conversation as though talking to someone you respected, loved and cared for.  If they didn’t respond, no harm no foul, you’ve done your part.

Yes, Minnie looked on with great joy at the man her son had become.

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    1. I realized that after I hit send! roflmao I used I as I wasn’t sure what name to give her, roflmao then at the end, ah that name works, hit send and went damn! roflmao
      I have to go fix it smirk smirk

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