Phase Shift

Phase Shift 31

Randal blinked at the anomaly.  Strange.  If he didn’t know better, and he did, it wasn’t possible for anyone to inhabit two places at the same time.  Yet, it seemed Mara Townsend and Jerome Hansen accomplished it.  A blip so infinitesimal occurred, he wouldn’t have found it if it hadn’t happened twice in a row presenting as a double blip. He re-ran surveillance holograms three times. Yes, it was there. Each at nearly the exact same time, on separate levels of the building.

Painstakingly, Randal followed every miniscule second of the playback and yep there it was.  Again.  What the hell was going on?  Had they accessed the hologram and played around with it, doctored it?  A challenge he’d gladly accept as he delved into the holograms to find out how it was done when and hopefully by whom.

Sherry intended surprising Randal.  He wasn’t expecting her and therefore the surprise would be that much more fun.  Auto-drive engaged, she relaxed into her seat.  Always the independent one, she was surprised at how she’d unequivocally accepted Randal into her life, finding herself more and more engaged in their relationship, yearning for that connection, and yes, the love he offered so honestly and with purity.

The more she pondered her current situation and what she’d witnessed at the other yoga site, the more she questioned her decision.  Business was business, no denying that.  She wondered if she was up to the task.  She was pretty straight forward when it came to her job, the execution, the desire to assist.

Her family of origin were unknown to her.  She’d grown up in foster homes, moving constantly until the Watts had taken her in and her life had begun to flourish.  Mom, she would always and forever be mom, had grounded her, surrounding her with affection and care and unconditional love, something she’d been leary of at first, but begun to understand was very real.






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  1. I’m so glad I could catch up. Wonderful story so far, I’m invested and can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen next.

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