Sherry noticed her mom was having difficulties getting around and it scared her.  Surgery was invasive and painful and if she could help Lace avoid that path, she would.  There was time yet, before the ultimate decision had to be made, and when she’d found yoga, she researched and delved into every angle and possibility.  After approaching Lace, she’d shown her what she’d learned.

Together they began the exercises and she’d continued alongside her mom for years,  deciding this was the route she wanted for herself.  The progress her mother had made was astounding.  Sherry was delighted at the strength she’d gained, how she walked taller, straighter, most importantly, surgery hadn’t been required as the muscles were strengthened so much the alignment was nearly perfect.  Her doctor was pleased when he’d done a second hologram indicating surgery wasn’t necessary at this point.  When he’d wondered whether an error was made, she’d explained about the yoga and he said he’d look into it somewhat astounded at the results.

So yoga was more than a money making opportunity, a job, a livelihood.  The results spoke for themselves.  As a result, she took the job seriously, confident in the results.  Having witnessed how the “elite” carried on, she was upset.  If they really didn’t care, didn’t want to be there, then why bother?  They were taking up valuable space that another could use and benefit from.  Ok, it downright irked her!  Her time was equally valuable.  She wanted to assist those who were there for the right reasons.  She really had no time or patience for anything else.

She’d continue looking into what was involved in the relocation and the type of clients she’d be expected to nurture.  If it was a group of sniveling teenagers unaware of the benefits and too ready to heap insults on those willingly helping, she’d have to reconsider.


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