Kendal thought her ravishing.  No more the shy retiring bud, but a blossom of perfection. She’d overcome her fears, concerns, worries, fretting.  Lost in the song, she danced with passion, living the moment, in the moment.  It was heaven watching her graceful movements, flowing from delight to torture and back to grace.  Every step in tune with the music she so loved.  She was fabulous.

Daring to take his eyes from her, he noted the audience was spellbound, swept up in the dance, the motions riveting, her expressions clearly reflecting the love heartache and loss, depicting to perfection, heartfelt love, won and lost.  She was beyond remarkable, in a league of her own.

The last strains of music flowed facing away as she gently crumpled to the floor, heartbroken her lover was no more. A heart pounding silence lasted for a minute, then two, suddenly erupting in a cacophony of clapping as patrons stood staring, caught up in the finale, barely daring to breath.  The eloquence, the beauty, the loss portrayed, felt by each.

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