His list grew daily, hourly.  He’d been drawn in by her sassy attitude, finding it seductive and sexy.  Layer by layer, as he’d come to know her moods, her emotions, her thoughts, the list of what drew him to her grew.  She could be sensual, playfully sinful, spicy.  When it mattered, she was sweet, a ray of sunshine. It was who she was, how she interacted with everyone she met.  Though she’d become a big name artist, and could have become a deva, she’d remained the delightful person he’d met years ago. Alexa turned on the charm for the cameras, displaying that delectable pout she was known for and the camera loved.  Alexa was every inch the show woman she should be, could be, but when the cameras turned off, when she was alone, the real woman shone gloriously through.  Hell it showed on camera too, but it was a hint and subtle compared to the woman she was.  Perhaps it was that subtly that drew the viewer in. He was proud, delighted, overjoyed she belonged in his world in his home and in his bed.

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