Oh for a Genie in a lamp

To remove my writer’s cramp

While I dream stories aplenty

Oh look, now there’s nearly twenty


All vying for my attention

Each one now in contention

Tossing each aside not right

Goose pump, oh what a fright


Romance, mystery, fun or joy

Writers ink I quickly employ

Services of a genie not required

My brain is willingly inspired


8 thoughts on “Genie

  1. I have watched my writing genie ebb and flow with the years. On a good day, I turn an ordinary piece into something special. The rest of the time, I slog.

    You have to slog a lot in writing because sometimes, in the midst of a long, boring slog — an idea pops into your head like a blazing light and if you follow it, wonderful things might emerge. But first — the long messy slog.

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