Phase Shift 33

Sherry loved her job, the perks being witnessing the growth in the women dedicated to making life better, watching them flower under her supervision.  It was a win win situation for Sherry and one she delighted witnessing, daily.

Arriving at Randal’s, she knocked and walked, finding him about to prepare dinner.  “Handsome!  How are you?”

“Great now your here!”  He wrapped her up in a welcoming bear that left little doubt about his need and hunger for her.


“Always welcome.”  Peeking through her parcel of goodies he said, “Yum!”

“Dinner.  I’m starved.  I brought everything for a casserole.  The ingredients are the same for both, but I bought cooked chicken for you to add to yours.”

“What a delight you are!”  Randal lifted her off her feet and set her on the island.

“Nuhu!  Later, sport.  Your carnal delights will have to wait.”

Randal pretended he was pained at the thought of waiting, but smiling, caressed her arm before opening the bags.  As they worked on preparing dinner, Sherry spoke about her concerns.  Randal listened attentively.  “I know how much this means to you, Sherry.  It’s definitely a step up the ladder and going where you intended.  Having said that, if you feel the negative outweighs the positive, then that makes the decision lighter, doesn’t it?”  He caressed her face gently.

“Randal, you are the best!”

“I know it’s my decision and one I have to make and soon.  Having witnessed the other half, I’m rather appalled at the eccentricity of some people.  I’m not sure I can handle that tactfully.  I’m very straight forward and the women I work with know that, expect that, rely on that to move forward.  That is a gift in itself.  I know how hard to push and when and even though they occasionally tease me about being tough, they also appreciate it.”

“Sherry, sugarcoating might not be your fortay, but knowing and doing right by your clients is important to you.  What would happen if you take this on, say for a month on a trial bases, see how it goes?  Would they be up for that?  Is it an option?”




3 thoughts on “Phase Shift 33

  1. Sounds to me like Sherri might need to think about stepping out from the umbrella and start her own place with her own ideals and methods and even her own staff working to help those that appreciate. Just my thoughts.

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