I am having trouble with my database.  I can’t get in and only occasionally.  I’m afraid this means I can’t access anything I’ve stored.  I wrote this piece and divided it into two parts as it was 594 word count.  I didn’t divide it evenly and I can’t access the other piece.  I’ll try to load 34 and 35 as I was on a roll and continued writing.  I’m sorry for the inconvenience.  It is the best I can do under the circumstances as I can only write one page and have to stop and wait until I can connect again.  Same goes for A to Z.  Fortunately, I can get to some of you to read your blogs, but I still can’t answer a lot of you.


“They never mentioned it and I never thought to ask.”  Looking down at her entwined fingers, she said, “I’ll bring my concerns to the man in charge.”

“Even though it may place you on the back burner as it were?”

“Even so.  It would be wonderful to be recognized for my efforts.  But heavens above, I want, no correction, I need what I do to matter.  The women I work with want change, yoga matters.  It isn’t a gimmick or a passing fancy.”  She sighed.

Randal listened as she spoke of her mother.  Her joy, her jubilation shone brightly.  Her decision in his mind was an easy one.  He knew Sherry, knew her determination, the depth of care involved in what she did.  It was important to her and though it felt like a struggle at the moment, there wasn’t one in reality.  She’d never place money before dedication.  He loved that about her.


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