T (A to Z Challenge)


Looking back over her illustrious career, Abbey (aka Anabelle LaCroix) had been a songwriter, singer, actress, poet, writer and more.  She’d filled pages with tantalizing journeys, teased and titillated her readers.  She was talented on many levels across many genres.   Her memoirs were filled with accolades from fellow writers, actors and the like. Although proud of her accomplishments, her most treasured, true love, the keeper of her heart, was her husband of 40 years and her beautiful children.  Yes, even in their late 20’s and early 30’s, they were her children.  Her most prized treasures. Each having carved out their own life and career, not easy considering the shadow she’d cast, but they’d managed, and managed well.  More importantly, they were honest decent people that placed their families above and before career.  Yes it was a gamble, dropping everything at a moments notice when tragedy struck, but they’d picked up and carried on. Unusual in the world of career and business first, their jobs had flourished unimaginably.  There was something to be said about that kind of deep abiding love.  She smiled.  

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