Phase Shift

Phase Shift 36

Randal was getting closer, knowing his brilliance, he’d close in in no time and she wouldn’t be finished.  There were greener pastures, but this was easy and lucrative and so worthy of the challenge it felt wrong not to continue.

Pace herself, that’s what she’d have to do.  Take time, relax, look at the bigger picture, the end goal.  The evil smirk and anger that flashed momentarily in her eyes did not bode well for the recipient.  Making her jump hoops like this was intolerable, intolerable.  She would have thrown the glass vase, but it was useless, a holo-image, sitting in space.  Still she swiped at it, disrupting the flow and felt better.

Such primitive people, primitive ideas, such limited capacity, unable to see what was there, what was truly available.  It irked her, frustrated and angered her.  Something had to be done.  A spoke in the wheel to move things along or stop them in their tracks. 

Like the evil sorceress that she claimed to be, she tapped her hands gleefully.  Oh what an idea.  Could she pull it off?  Dare she?  Yes, she dared!

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