U (A to Z Challenge)


A lifetime spent with Margarita wouldn’t be enough.  Mason loved her unique style, unselfish bent, unforgettable personality in every way.  That he understood her, got her, blew his mind.  Many looked on and shrugged as a perplexed look crossed their faces.  Yet to him, she was an open book, flowing with ideas, creativity, fun and games.

She thought nothing of dancing in the park with her scarf drawn out behind her, fluttering in the breeze, flowing suggestively or secretively, or with a hint of sass and pizzazz.  Whatever the whim of the moment, she was unafraid to indulge in her kind of poetry, a poetry of life laughter and song few would understand.

She was such a free spirit and he was delighted at having this grand opportunity of partaking in this journey alongside her.  Each day an adventure whether the grocery store, the market, attending the parade on Market Street.  Her spirit was not containable – huge, soaring, limitless.

How he loved her!




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