Phase Shift

Phase Shift 37

Sherry finished early since most of her clients arrived early today, it was the beginning of a long weekend and many were set to vacation with family and friends.  It gave her an opportunity to check out some properties she’d been considering.

The first was light and airy but not large enough to accommodate the number of clients she hoped to bring in.  It didn’t make sense to start small and disrupt everyone’s established routine to move again.  Perhaps she was shooting for the stars, too optimistic, but she thought not.

The second property was too dark.  She wanted light and airy, with plenty of grass they could relax on or use on occasion.  She found the outdoors invigorating yet soothing.  Something she’d been denied offering so far but something she could change personally now she had her own location.

The third property had it all.  As she walked through, taking in the bright rooms with plenty of light, she hid her smile.  Then when she reached what she’d use as her activity room, the view was stunning.  Manicured grass that seemed to go on for miles, with a variety of trees offering shade on hot days, and a river that edged the property.  She’d found her haven.  This was where Aspirations belonged.

Decision made, she wasted little time in getting the proverbial ball rolling.  It would be hers before the month was done.

Her first priority was weeding out any that weren’t truly interested in her plan.  A questionaire to educate them on the goals of she aspired to for herself and them.


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    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Glad you can still see my blog. It’s disjointed on this end making it difficult to follow. Dont know if that’s wp or my comp is hanging. Now it’s migrated to my lap top and tablet. Looks perfect on my son’s computer and his work comp. Can’t explain. Makes writing difficult as I write the story daily from scratch.

      1. FYI, still getting that 404, not that big of a hassle as a reader, however on the sidebar where your son’s NIBBLES AND BITS ARE, links are now a blue image with a frown face 🙁 saying “your PC ran into a problem that it couldn’t handle, and now it needs to restart”. There is smaller text I cant see then below it it says “DATA_BUS_ERROR – Stop Error – STOP 0x0000002E Cause – Failed or defective physical memory including memory used in video adapters, but also corrupted hard disk’s and damaged motherboards cause this. […] FTFS_FILE_SYSTEM”

        Do you have a good antivirus? if not I suggest Kaspersky asap. Especially if you see a problem but you son doesn’t on a system unattached.

        I also suggest writing your story in a word program and copy-pasting to the post so you have a copy on your computer in case your site goes down again.

        other errors on the side bar include

        If I were seeing this I would ditch the sidebar completely(Easily done in the dashboard) and remove all outside links to other pages and affiliates until you can contact WP and resolve the underlying problem.

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