He had to write the jacket for her first novel and must describe this woman to the world. Such a mixture of calm assuredness yet full of adventure, a constant delight. Warm, witty, and wild but a few adjectives to describe her winsome ways. How could he characterize all that was contained within this vibrant woman? She appealed on every level.

As he stared at her picture he realized he would have love to know her, share in her existence, participate in her adventurous ways. Drawn to her as none other, he would have crossed mountains and continents to sit by her side, share the world through her eyes.

A trick of the imagination? He jumped up standing tall and straight for before him stood the woman on his mind. How had she managed to transcend time, to stand before him so vital and alive, holding her hand out invitingly.

Grabbing hold of her hand, a whirlwind suddenly surrounded them, but he only had eyes for her. When they stopped, they were in another time and place, sitting atop a mountain surrounded by compelling beauty and together.

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