Amy sat with the forms in front of her, wondered about her birth parents.  It was a passing thought now and again.  Who were they, where were they, why had they given her away? Did she really want to know?  Even the thought filtering through her consciousness had her feeling guilty. 

Adopted at birth, her parents were beyond spectacular, above reproach, giving her all the love and affection she could hope for, she’d wanted for nothing.   Physically, emotionally, mentally they’d been supportive in all things, even in their straightforward no nonsense rules during her teen years.

Before filling out the application, she wrote a letter to her parents.  You have been everything to me.  You created a world of affection care and love.  You set a bar of honour integrity consideration and concern that though high, is achievable.  Your loyalty to family and friends, your complete dedication to the environment, goals worthy of reaching. 

You allowed me to grow, flourish, blossom and become the woman I am, a woman I’m proud to be, in part because I am so like you in all that matters.

Picking up the unsigned forms, she crumpled them, and smiled.

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    1. Thank you, kind sir. I read an article about a woman that was pondering the situation and thought about the “void” that would constantly exist (for some) in this situation. Truly appreciate your comments 🙂

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