Notable – Ode to Serendipity



A few adjectives to describe the words and thoughts on Serendipity:

remarkable outstanding significant important memorable worthy


She a woman outstanding in her field

He a man who with large appeal

Set the bar high in writing and prose

Speaking to issues, constantly expose


Subjects relevant truthful that make

A reader think about issues to date

Sometimes humourous sometimes not

Captivating none-the-less a snapshot


Of events and subjects faced in our lives

That are so important not just archives

Young and old can learn a thing or two

Encapsulate educating themselves too










7 thoughts to “Notable – Ode to Serendipity”

    1. Your absolutely welcome 🙂 from the bottom of me pump. I don’t know what happened to the reblog button, it went missing along with a couple of others. It’s one of the things I need my son to fix. He tried but it didn’t take. When he has days off I’ll get him to try again. Sorry, Marilyn.

    1. Mine has been coming and going pretty randomly. Sometimes it’s there, then it’s gone. But I can’t cope with any more helpful repairs from WP. They’ll fix it and break something else. Not worth it.

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