When Sherry met Randal for dinner, one of a few of late, they cuddled sharing their news.  When she spoke of the woman who’d recently joined, Randal was nonplussed at first.  As he gave the situation more thought, he asked questions about the woman.  Sherry filled him in on what she knew, never thinking to mention her name.

Randal advised she keep a close eye on the woman and if she continued, he’d investigate as he certainly wouldn’t brook her infiltrating to cause problems for his beloved.  She’d monetarily and emotionally invested a great deal and Randal wasn’t about to let some interloper into the mix to create havoc for her on any level.

The subject was dropped as they watched deer on the far edge of the property nibbling at leaves, casting a wary gaze their way from time to time.  Birds chirped as the breeze gently caressed their skin and Randal wrapped his arms around her, as she relaxed.

Meanwhile, his investigation was moving, creeping along.  Concentrating his efforts on the mechanical side, he’d noted several blips in the protocol Webster had installed.  He’d been insistant that updates were considered and applied regularly.  Randal had double checked and added another layer of security and so far, it was working.  He needed one break to send him in the perps direction and it wouldn’t take long to solve the case.  He was getting close, he could feel it.

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  1. I’m on board with Ann Marie I can’t wait for the next installment either. This was wonderful, a nice bridge back to the mystery at hand.

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