Sherry’s situation bothered Randal. Although the woman’s intent was unclear, Randal was equally certain she was trouble. 

Arriving at Aspiration ostensibly touching base with Sherry but primarily to catch a glimpse of the woman she’d mentioned, he wandered outside to watch.  His gaze wandered from one to the other; he realized he knew most of the women present as many had volunteered to surprise her on opening day. 

Randal was struck by how beautiful and graceful Sherry’s movements were as she moved from one pose to another.  She held each pose long enough for the others to join then proceeded to correct or assist the posture of anyone struggling before again standing in front calling out encouragement, her expression a mixture of concentration and pleasure.  She must have said something witty, as a few laughed loudly. Their intense involvement told the story and he understood why she only wanted individuals dedicated and motivated for the right reasons.

One woman stood out, not because she was particularly beautiful but because she struggled to hold her pose, fit but not proficient, Sherry immediately moved to assist her and her expression spoke volumes.  It was the first time he’d ever witnessed Sherry ill-at-ease.

Randal moved left to catch a glimpse of the woman’s face.  What the hell was she doing here?  Astonishment held him momentarily immobile before he doubled up, suddenly winded as a blindingly colourful display swirled around him and he crashed from scene to scene, breathless.  Leaning back against the building, his body hurt as though he’d been physically punched and he crouched down on one knee. 

Sherry watched him falter then the sudden change in his pallor and rushed toward him.  All eyes followed her as she raced toward Randal. 

Randal fought to re-focus searching for the woman he’d spotted.  His attempt at standing was wobbly at best and he could barely move.  Her venomous gaze stroked him as she fled.

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