Phase Shift 44


Sherry assured the women he was alright and suggested a juice break and they dispersed giving Randal space.  She didn’t know what to make of what she’d just witnessed.  Whatever happened, it brought him completely to his knees, rendered him helpless.

When he’d recovered his equilibrium, her arm wrapped firmly around his waist, she asked, “Everything ok, Randal?”

“Yeah, yeah.  Need a minute.”

Finally, straightening, he said, “Not sure what happened there.”

“Try.”  Sherry was looking up expectantly into his face.

“A couple times, it’s happened.  I have no explanation.  Flashes of light, colours, as if I’m in a different dimension, on a sci-fi set.  Have no form of reference so I can’t explain it, but it almost levels me.  Never know when it’ll happen or if there’s a trigger.  It just is.”

“When did it start?” Sherry asked, concerned.

“A couple weeks ago.  Doesn’t happen often, thank god.”

“Any idea what this was, specifically?  You were looking at, no staring at Damara as though you could have torn her apart.”

“Yeah, yeah, about that, what the hell, she’s the woman you were worried about, right?”

“Yes, she’s the one.”

“I know her.  Even though I don’t!”

“What do you mean?”

“Right before the “flash” I spotted her, felt as if I knew her, and she’s bad news!  Really bad news!  I wanted to get to her, I had a feeling of “capturing” her, stopping her.  Then the phase shift happened and she got away.”

“Do you think she’s controlling … this?”

“I couldn’t say.  This is the first time it’s happened with anyone around.”

“What do you want to do, Randal?”

“I came to find out about her, to protect you.  Perhaps I did both.  She won’t be back!”

“Because you’re here!”


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  1. HEY! FYI there was no 404 pop up today! Even after I left a comment. 🙂 YAY! the Kernal errors are still showing for your son’s feeds in the side bar but no 404 pop up at least.

    1. Thank god for small mercies? There’s a hashtag that appeared from nowhere, we didn’t put it there, and we can’t get rid of it. I think that’s what’s created the problem. We ran a full cc cleaner on even “unused space” and perhaps that fixed the error message. I just wished I could find out where the # came from and how to rid my blog of it. My son tried for hours last night, but we can’t find the source. So short of re-doing the entire blog, I’m not sure how to fix it. At the moment nor is he. Thank you for letting me know, it’s partly fixed, I appreciate that! So much!

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