Birds of Paradise do flaunt 

Like they are a debutante

Peacocks too with beautiful tail

Strut their stuff lovely detail


It’s all about attracting another

And so closely they will hover

Hoping she will find them sweet

And together they shall retreat



A delightful display for all

As they preen, standing tall

In a mating ritual old as time

Notably present in springtime



4 thoughts on “Flaunt

  1. I took a picture of a peacock today in a park in Faro, Spain. I told my husband that I wished that the peacock had spread his tail feathers, and then my husband told me that there had to be a competing peacock for the affections of the hens. Since he was the only one among the women, no need to spread his feathers. I was intrigued, and I wondered how often do married couples fail to continue to flaunt their stuff for each other because they believe there is no competition. Good post.

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 Peacocks are so beautiful! I visited a Stanley Park in Vancouver, they had plenty of preening peacocks and it was delightful. You are right, I think half the problems in marriages are that life becomes too involved and they forget to preen occasionally for each other.

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