Damn!  Another avenue closed off.  She was losing her grip.  Randal was more than a thorn in her side, he was an albatross around her neck and one she desperately needed to be rid of. 

Looking up a list of possible contacts, she scanned each name considering reward verses payback because there was always a quid pro quo.  What could she live with if she wasn’t about to trade one albatross for another?

Sykes might fit the bill.  Physically fit, his prowess with holo-weapons infamous, his accuracy incomparable, he could get the job done.  Pure evil gleamed in her eyes.  Ridding herself of his presence could prove difficult but not impossible.  Settling back in her holo-chair in her ultra tech and undetectable home base ensconced in her holo-plane, she considered both the possibilities and ramifications. 

Donning another disguise, she set the wheels in motion.  At exactly 8:45 Tuesday night, they’d meet.  She’d hand over holo-credits and send him on his way with only the information on his target available to him.  Should he miss, he’d be in a world of hurt, unable to give any explanation about himself and his presence since he wouldn’t have a clue.  A delighted snarl curled her lips.  He wouldn’t recognize her in this get up and without a reasonable explanation, he’d be locked up with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide and she’d take him out then.

An explanation for why her attempts on Randal failed, eluded her. It was unexplainable but every effort made shot off the mark complicating her life.    Someone was interfering, she was sure of it. Who?  She slammed her fist through the air. Damn holo-grams! She shrieked!



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