As many of you know, I write mysteries.  Sometimes guns are involved.

In real life, we hope we are never involved in a situation involving violence, guns, knife or any other type of weapon.  We had an incident today at B.C. Ferries.  A man violently car-jacked someone and later boarded B.C. Ferries and while onboard was identified.  After exiting the Ferry, he shot at police who responded, shots were fired and he was killed.  I’ve spoken about my daughter, who is an O.F.A. (Occupational First Aid) on Board B.C.Ferries and my first thought was “Is she safe?” as well as staff and passengers. 

Her job on the Ferry is to provide care (think Ambulance Attendant) as well as calm passengers down handling everything from heat stroke to heart-attacks.

You can imagine my dismay when, before all the facts were presented by police, many jumped on the bandwagon suggesting excessive force.  

B.C. Ferries location (had they not acted immediately) could and would have placed many citizens in immediate danger as the exit from the Ferry is a Highway, which is usually jam-packed with bumper to bumper vehicles giving the perp many possible hostages.

That aside, if you shoot at police, they respond with deadly force, as they are trained to do.  Would you have it any other way?  Your loved ones, friends, neighbours could be in his line of fire.  What would you have police do, walk up to an armed man, shooting at them and have them try to talk him down, especially when there are many people in vehicles close by that he could use as targets?  He’s proven he’s violent – he violently stole a vehicle and as yet, we don’t know the extent of the violence perpetrated on the individual(s) he stole the vehicle from.

Now some of you may say, your daughter was periferally involved.  Yes, she was.  I’ll probably never know the full extent as she won’t be allowed to divulge that information.  I’m thankful she and all the others onboard the Ferry and at the terminal are safe thanks to the quick response by police.

Even if she weren’t there and “involved” my response would be the same.  The perpetrator showed he was willing to kill anyone that got in the way.  I stand by my position.  Even though I am fully aware he has family who’s heart is breaking at the news he’s gone.  He chose a path of violence and the consequences are his. 

10 thoughts on “Violence Erupts! Everyone is Safe but the Shooter.

    1. No, they don’t understand what is involved or the ramifications of a man with a gun whose willing to use it. You can only imagine the outcry if he’d taken a hostage and or shot a civilian. The outcry would be humungous.

    2. I’m of course not talking about the incidents where a little power went to someones head or abuse of power or downright unwarranted violence against civilians, which has happened. I don’t dispute that either.

  1. Such a scary thing to go through… as a mother and also for your daughter! I cannot imagine how terrifying. So glad to hear she was safe. It is so disheartening to see how easy it is for people to just take out their guns and use them anymore.

      1. I remember more safety when growing up in Canada. We were allowed to roam. I was already a bit older when I moved to the US and things did seem different, but I guess I never thought about that.

          1. Goodness. The night we went to pick up a van for our vacation, we couldn’t go down one of our side streets because a young man killed his father. Our neighborhood is actually safe… but all this violence these days is a wake up call. Do something!

          2. The scarier part is that the govt has taken all the power away from parents. they even tried to make it illegal to put a kid in the corner for bad behaviour. How else do they know what it is if they aren’t taught right from wrong, acceptable from non acceptable? Then they wonder why teenagers are committing heinous crimes like beatings and murder?!

          3. According to the police report, this guy was into violence and was under surveillance for several crimes, so it was a case of taking him down before he took hostages.

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