How could I possibly resist

Those lips meant to be kissed

The taste of summer so sweet

Full of delicious latent heat


A rebel through and through

Tats and rings even hairdo

But underneath beats the heart

Of a man both tender and smart


Outwardly thought a wiseguy

Once known, sweet as apple pie

Yes I’m drawn to the rebel in you

My love for you remains ever true



7 thoughts on “Rebel

  1. Hello Covert. I’m finally getting back to explore your writing and, wow! You have lots to check out so I’m going to come back when I have more time. For now I wanted to point out a typo in this poem. 3rd line from the end, “sweet” needs the ‘t’. I’ll be back soon. Warmest regards.

      1. Can I ask 2 questions ?
        Are you working from a full size screen or a mobile phone/tablet smaller screen?
        Also, do you have a WordPress account and are you logged into it when blogging?
        One or both of these might be a
        factor. Very soon after you made me aware someone else followed me but I’m seeing inconsistencies between account here. I’m going to beat this….

        1. I use a pc. It’s attached to a wall mounted tv that is 3 ft. There are 2 url’s associated with Covert Novelist one is and and sometimes jetpack re-directs to the wrong site. Have been having problems. They losot my entire account a year ago and I had to start from scratch. Hopefully this information will assist you. x fingers and toes here.

          1. grrrr – – – following someone should not be such a big effort. Takes some of the fun out of it. Thanks for the diagnostic info. I’m getting closer to figuring this out.

          2. I’m not savvy with this stuff. It’s like a car, turn it on and it starts, yay! good to go. I used to write programs back in the day with dos but I’ve long since given up on the endeavour, and now with my sight issues, it’s impossible. Turn the comp on, it works, yay! roflmao My son takes care of my site and updates it and fixes what’s wrong. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here, that’s a given. Cause wp has done a number on many of us and he usually knows exactly what’s wrong but he doesn’t work for wp so he can’t fix the mess they make of things! lol more’s the pity.

          3. If you go to and press enter, it should work. It takes you directly to my site. Then you can follow by RSS, social media on FB or Twitter. the right side bar at the top. RSS follows me by the way.

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