A forest is made up of many trees. This is the story of just one.

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The tree of memories sat and watched

Listening closely though gnarly and notched

To the woman’s story of heartbreak and sorrow

Begging pleading for a better tomorrow


One in which the pain was eased

The burden carried, somehow appeased

The love of her life was gone forever

Down romance’s path she would not endeavour


So crushed at heart was she

Impossible a better ‘morrow see

In which she would be happy again

Free from enveloping pain


A timeless tale of love and loss

Their paths not meant to cross

And still that great old tree

Was deeply moved by heart felt plea


She witnessed this event a thousand times

It would always strike her as such a crime

Her unending solitude spent listening

Providing shelter under leaves glistening


In mute silence she would stand

Unable to hold out a helping hand

And yet to her for comfort they come

Knowing here they are forever welcome


They find solace on bent knee

Nestled beneath this old tree.

This wonderful addition to the Tree poem is gracious and beautiful and contributed by cwaugh212. Perfection! Excellent work. My fingers are just itching to continue the tale with some kind of assistance that the tree can provide. Something like:

The swaying branches from summoned breeze,

Moved dappled shadows over bending knees,

A message wrought of light and dark,

Of verdant scent to memories spark,

Of loves sweet blessings of times long past,

Of knowing good times weren’t meant to last.

The message clear, you must begin,

To open heart and love again.        


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