Randal was pleased Germaine managed to obtain the same information he had, confirmation from another source indicating his dismissal from the force was programmed and orchestrated was perfect.  He was, however, stunned at witnessing the perp and Damara together.  The plot thickens!  She’d obviously been following him, aware of him for some time.  That fact was inexplicable and interesting in and of itself.  How?  Why? When?

Possibly Reese Prichard hired her though at this point he couldn’t find a link.  It could also be happenstance, a lucky one for her.  He reasoned that Prichard’s involvement and systematic attacks hadn’t begun until after his son’s death which didn’t mitigate previous involvement although certainly lessened the possibility.

Obviously, Damara was involved from the outset.  Surprising she’d use the same perp to attack him at Webster’s because they were crumbs to follow.  A gun for hire? She’d obviously followed him for months indicating she’d probably orchestrated the theft at Webster’s (whether she’d been aware he’d been hired to take the thief down was questionable) but it was blatantly obvious she was likely the thief. If she thought for a nano-second he could take her down, guaranteed she’d fight back.

Now  there wasw a link between then and now, and between her and the murder then and attempted murder now.  Now to find the calling card – there had to be one.  She’d learned about his rep, known about it, counted on it, used it.  She wouldn’t use an unknown unless she expected he’d be caught. 


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