Phase Shift

Phase Shift 57


Shocked, Germaine said, “New one on me!”

“Smoke and mirrors, just smoke and mirrors.  It’s a matter of finding out how the hell she’s doing this.”

“She some sort of magician?” Germaine asked curious now the shock had worn off.

“We didn’t find any evidence at the crime scene to indicate anyone else was ever present, right? So, no, more to it than that, she’s manipulated the entire event beginning to end.”

“How?”  Germain was absolutely perplexed.

“That’s what we need to figure out.”

After running the hologram back and forth too many times to count, Randal said,   “I’m meeting Sherry in half an hour, I’ll have to leave this until later.”  He rose and shut the programs down.  “Perhaps if we step back, it’ll become clearer.  There’s something I’m not seeing I should be.”

“Yeah, I get you, this is mind-boggling.”

“I’d invite you to dinner, but we need to maintain the illusion of distance otherwise Damara might become overly curious and suspicious.”

“Yeah, when this is over, we’ll get together. I’m looking forward to it.”

“You are a good friend, Germaine.  We’ve had to keep our distance so my disgrace doesn’t rub off on you.”

“No disgrace on you, Randal, on those that perpetrated this atrocity, for sure.”  Slapping Randal on the back, he headed out.

13 thoughts to “Phase Shift 57”

    1. Received an email from jetpack, there was a problem with a node creating a cluster and they restarted it and it seems to be working. so that’s good 🙂

        1. Ok, well that’s interesting, since I didn’t receive anything. So I’ll have to get my son to fix that when he’s able. Dang and yay, cause now I know it isn’t working properly.

  1. This Damara is quite fascinating. Great name for her by the way. Each character has been given good depth and are interesting.

    1. Thank you, Sheryl, I’m pleased to hear that. It’s what we strive for I think. Knowing you’ve achieved it, is important. I appreciate your thoughts so much, you’ll never know!

      1. Character depth and dimension is hard to achieve and keep throughout the story. I recently, and I’m going to blog about this, was told some… harsh criticisms about a character and her depth. Totally fine, I have a thick skin and expected something. I was nevertheless, shocked and I’m now working to fix the problem.

        1. Sometimes it takes someone else’s eyes to see what we’ve missed… simply because we’ve written re-written edited and re-edited so much, and are so close to the characters the style of writing, I think our mind automatically fills in the blanks and puts it together without our really thinking about it.That’s my story and I’m sticking to it lol

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