Parent’s, mothers for sure

I applaud you as you endure

Surviving the teenage years

As eyes often fill with tears


Everything in life so dramatic

Nothing easy, always problematic

Drama, drama, drama I say

Stepping back out of the fray


There is a slight chance I’m sure

You’ll survive and not incur

The evil eye too often prevalent

Although never really malevolent


As I consider my life as a child

I often wonder was I that wild

Since the world revolves around “us”

There shall always be a great fuss









10 thoughts on “Slight

    1. It seems that each generation adds fuel to the fire as it were? My kids weren’t problem kids, but wow the drama from the grand kids keeps surprising and shocking me, roflmao probably because I never witnessed it

  1. I don’t think I or my kids were exactly problematic, more like exhausting! Fortunately it all worked out in the end, once in my/their 20s?

    1. lol, the two oldest are turning 16 and 17 and they aren’t difficult over all, one is “dramatic” the other not so much. They say the body changes every 7 years and at 21 who you are isn’t who you were. I can attest to that. I married at 21 and wouldn’t have chosen that person at 21, but did at 20. Our whole body changes emotions outlook cells, amazing really.

  2. I know I was the problem child. Everything was life or death, Now my grand-mimi-me is the same way. I understand her so well. Poor baby.

    1. lol. I was hard on my mother in that I had to be perfect! especially my hair. I’m sure she jumped through hoops trying on that score, if nothing else.

          1. The challenges are harder I think. More outside influences: social media, video games are the top two. We had it so good.

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