Many intrigued by their ancestry

Looking into their genealogy

Once written on a cover of a bible

Handed down to another for survival


Churches too kept in-depth records

A clear and concise written record

That many have used to find their roots

Going back for centuries to deduce


Their origin relatives and more

Opening many an interesting door

For me it’s not important

No need for an endorcement


A pedigree won’t change a thing

Simply your sense of humour bring

I’m sure we can manage just fine

I’m not concerned with a bloodline




3 thoughts to “Pedigree”

  1. Jews used to keep records like that, but then there was a Holocaust and the synagogues that kept the records were gone … and of course, so were the records. i know NOTHING about my past except that it was Jewish. Very.

    1. Yes, I imagine the destruction of so much history is heartbreaking. I know my grandmother was 100% Cree (which is finally recognized as a nation) and I know of her sufferings being taken from the reservation and made a servant but that’s as far back as the history on my mother’s side goes. My father was from the states and native as well, but I have no idea what or where that began. My kids are more interested than I am.

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