Phase Shift

Phase Shift 58


“The plot thickens.”  Germaine thought as he strode to his vehicle.  So many intersections to consider.  Damara. Shift done, he headed home determined to follow up, there had to be a record somewhere, perhaps that picture Randal snapped was a thread to follow. Opening the file Randal sent containing her picture, he brought up a list of unsolved cases and let the program seek as he went to make dinner.

Entering the kitchen, he smelled something funny, something that shouldn’t have been there.  Pacing, he moved around the kitchen.  Damn it!  His eyes like saucers he raced to the kitchen door and burst through landing in an undignified heap on the grass as the kitchen erupted in fire.

Winded but unhurt, he jumped to his feet and raced around to the front of the house and grabbing a fire extinguisher and began spraying the fire.  When he was sure it was under control he grabbed his holo-phone to call it in as he waited outside.

Seeing the hover-chopped racing to land on the lawn, he met the two firemen as they entered the kitchen and did their thing.  He told them what he’d found. It only took minutes to determine it was arson.

When he called to inform Randal about the incident, he’d immediately said he’d come help but Germaine assured him it wasn’t necessary, the fire was contained and he was unharmed.  He’d have to suspend his investigation as the smoke had to be cleared but explained what he’d been working on.

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