Weather changes!?

Only yesterday we were longing for spring.  It didn’t even “spring” before we hit a streak of hot weather going from 10 – 12 C (50 F) to 27 C (80.6 F) weather.  It’s supposed to last a week and so far, we’ve hit 25 C today.  What a change! We expected spring would last longer as we don’t normally see this kind of heat for a couple months, June on through the summer until as late as mid October.

Of course this has brought black ants (that truly take a chunk out of you) and fortunately only last for a 24 hour period in which all windows and doors are determinedly closed.

What a delight though, watching squirrels scamper along the fence-line, and Robins basking in the sun, chirping happily above the squirrels.  Bugs are already present from mosquito eaters to spiders.  Fortunately not the plethora we were exposed to last year when the forest was cut down beside us and all (racoons, rabbits, spiders and bugs) were desperately searching for a new place to be.

I’ve often wondered at the trills of birds and can identify some, such as Robins, Starlings, Steller Jays and the like, but a new bird has appeared, remaining carefully hidden in the tree tops 100 feet above my head.  He (or) she has a beautiful sound that changes and is quite pretty.

A few years ago, in Hardy, I heard a crow that sounded as though it were calling “mom” “mom” and mentioned it to my daughter who heard it as well.  Days later her hubby heard it and said, “Dang I wished you hadn’t mentioned it, cause now when he shows up, I hear it too!”  We laughed.

It’s amazing how many animals can talk like humans.  Porsche, my cat, says OWE very loudly when the bathwater is too hot and we only had to bathe him a couple times and he didn’t take it at all well.

He recently went to the vet for surgery and has recovered nicely but is afraid to go outside.  My son took to carrying him outside and staying with him until he felt comfortable.  We now park the vehicle beside our residence and he has somewhere safe to go and is again venturing outside.  Thank heavens!

Nature is beautiful and although I don’t have a garden to sit in, I do have monstrous trees a few feet away that house a delightful array of creatures to enjoy bringing great delight.  If I can ever manage to capture them, I’ll definitely share and if I see the bird with the interesting trill, I’ll try to get a picture and perhaps one of you bird lovers will know what it is 🙂

Hope your enjoying your spring! 🙂

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