He had a laugh that would infect

Everyone around and truly inject

A sense of humour at that laugh

About which I could write a paragraph


No hiding when he chuckled

Relaxed and so untroubled

By the amusement he caused

Which created such a pause


Before others happily joined in

Leaving his wife in a tailspin

Embarrassed to be the center

Of attention and also render


Her speechless and hiding her face

Feeling it was such a disgrace

When everyone else was so delighted

By the joy there found and ignited








3 thoughts to “Infect”

    1. Thank you. He was a friend as was his wife. She was always so embarrassed by his laugh, but it was infectious. When he was in the theatre, people would laugh at his laugh, not the joke in the movie. She’d make them leave. Honestly, I doubt I’ve ever heard a more infectious laugh.

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