Phase Shift

Phase Shift 60

Fortunately, a waiter and waitress bringing food to the table in front of her obscured her view and she didn’t notice his response.  Damn it!  How did she know he was here and he’d eat at this restaurant, was she clairvoyant or something?

Germaine ordered his food and busied himself on his holo-phone peering at the events of the day.  When his food arrived, he chatted with the waitress and ate his food which on any other day would have been delicious but today, tasted like sawdust.  As soon as he was finished he paid and walked out of the building.

Getting into his car where his signal couldn’t be intercepted, he called Randal and let him know the latest.

“Germaine, I’m sorry, I was afraid of this.”

“Goes with the territory my friend.  How concerned should I be?”

“Very.  I want you to head here immediately.  I have a suite downstairs you can stay in.  We can work on this together and I’ll know your safe here.”

“On my way.”  Germain slid his phone into a holder and headed for Randal’s.  If she could trace his activities, she could probably figure out where he was heading so he flew a circuitous route landing at Randal’s eventually.

Randal introduced him to Sherry.  She listened to their exchange and immediately decided Germain was a good man, especially if he was in Randal’s corner.

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