Phase Shift

Phase Shift 61

Damara smirked. You think your safe from me?  Think again!  I’m here too!  She cackled her delight sitting on board her aircraft hovering invisibly in space yet watching intently as Germaine made his way to his room while Randal and his girlfriend walked hand in hand to theirs.

“Germaine is a fine man,” Sherry observed.

“He is.”  Randal smiled thoughtfully. “He has my back, and I have his.”

“When did you meet?”

“At the academy.  We hit it off immediately and we’ve been close ever since.”

“Good to have honest reliable caring friends.”

Taking her in his arms he nodded, “Indeed it is.  What’s more, I’m a lucky son-of-a-gun, in that I have you.”

“Indeed, you do!”  Sherry held on tightly, “Forever and always, Randal, forever and always.”

“Do you think you’ll crack this case?”

“It’s taken longer than anticipated, but I have a feeling that with Germaine’s assistance, we’ll get there.”

They fell asleep entwined as hateful blank eyes watched.  Damara made her appearance, with ethereal movements she crossed the room.   Germaine was asleep so she locked the door and began her tantrum.  Throwing himself out of his bed he ducked as a variety of object flew at him and the shrieking nearly made his ears bleed.  Before him stood Damara much as he’d seen her in the photo Randal had captured.  She shrieked, “Your mine, Germaine!”

Unable to grasp hold of her, he ripped the blanket off the bed and whipped it in her direction.  As if suddenly blind, she stood still as silence blasted his eardrums.

He heard the bedroom door crash open as Randal pounded inside.  “What the hell happened?”


Inside the blanket a body formed standing stock still.  He jabbed at it with his hand.  It was solid.  Ripping the blanket off, Randal pointed his gun.  The form dissipated into oblivion.

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