Phase Shift

Phase Shift 62

Germain recovered and asked, “What the hell was that?  A ghost?  It sure as hell looked like Damara.  The same vacant eyes and that cackle!”

“Yeah that’s what I heard first – she sounded demented!”

“Quite the thing to wake up to, I got’ta say.”

“Clearly the message is I know where you are and what you’re doing.  Which means you two are no safer than me.  If she knew I was here and could manufacture this, then she knows what you and Sherry are involved in, every moment!”

“Yeah, that’s the message I got, loud and clear.”

“How do we keep Sherry safe?  Cause sure as I’m standing here, she’ll become a target too.  She’s focused on me obviously, for the moment.”

“I’m even more sure than ever she’s involved in the thefts at Webster’s.  Why else would she be here?  She’s attempting to scare me off which makes me dig in, if she knew me at all.”

“Yeah, I’d say she’s involved, probably the mastermind.  If she picked up that dude to attack you, nothing says she doesn’t have cohorts inside Webster’s. Yeah?”

“I’d say ditto to that, Germaine.”

“The other question, is why you?  I’d say she was involved in ending your career, she was there with her henchman.”

The entire time Randal had been walking around the area that Damara had appear at.

“Did you notice anything else about her, the situation?”

“Hell no, man, I was dead asleep.  Beyond defending myself, I didn’t …no wait…there was something with the mirror!”


“I don’t know, something!”

“Ok, we’ll look at it in the morning.  Hope you get some sleep.”

“Yeah, you too!”

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    1. Thank you Sheryl, that means so much. I appreciate knowing wether I’m on track or not. Its difficult at this point, not giving the game away yet keeping interest.

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