Phase Shift

Phase Shift 63

Sherry was sitting in bed, trembling fingers holding the covers tight to her body, eyes like saucers.  “What was that?  Since I’m not sure who applies!”

“Damara.  Or a likeness of her.”  The question in her eyes translated to a “what the hell?” expression and Randal smiled, picturing a similar reaction on his own face.

“Seems she ‘appeared’ in Germaine’s bedroom and threw a tantrum of sorts.  He clearly identified the ‘thing’ as Damara.”


“Not sure yet, but I have an idea we’ll explore in the morning.”

“If she can get to him, she can get to us then, right?”

“Not sure she can get to us, but she has been observing us.”  Taking an extra blanket from the end of the bed, he carefully draped it over the mirror.

“You think she’s using mirrors?”

“Germaine saw something in the mirror, so yes.  We’ll cut down her line of sight and see what happens.”

“Mirrors.  There’s a huge mirror outside my office, one inside too!”

“We’ll fix that and the others, tomorrow.  Let’s see if we can salvage what’s left of tonight!”

“I can think of something very pleasurable that would do the trick.”  Sherry wrapped herself around Randal pressing tightly to his body.  His instant reaction told her he was of the same mind and body.


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