Phase Shift

Phase Shift 64


Following breakfast, Germain gathered the tarps Randal had rounded up to secure the mirrors at Sherry’s.  Accompanying Sherry, he entered first, made a quick sweep then allowed her inside.  Tarps in hand, working together, they draped both large mirrors securing both tightly.  “Make sure you contact Randal or me if your uncomfortable, Sherry. Damara is excellent at disguises.”

Only after promising she’d take every conceivable precaution, did Germaine leave and head to his office.  He was eager to get to the mug shots hoping to find Sykes or Damara but he had three ongoing investigations to deal with first.

Randal knew covering all the mirrors might tip their hand, but also provided a modicum of safety until he figured out her game plan, and allowed some privacy in the meantime.

Lifting the mirror off the wall in the bedroom Germaine was currently occupying (as that was the last sighting and most recent) he began his examination. He had no idea what he was looking for. Starting at the top, he ran one hand to the left, the other to the right, top to bottom.  When his hands met at the middle of the mirror he was jolted backward.  Intrigued, he ran his fingers along the same route but this time when his hands met he forced them to remain in place and suddenly he was witnessing Damara’s presence.  Although she remained oblivious to him, he could clearly see her as though she were standing in front of him.

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