Phase Shift

Phase Shift 65


“What the hell was this and how was it possible?” Randal wondered aloud.  He watched as Damara pulled up schematics on Webster’s and as he stared at the hologram it moved into focus as an over-lay across her form and beside the schematic, a picture of him.  “Damn!”  It was him and she was watching him intently.  He was in a place he didn’t recognize, yet did and it made no sense.

Examining the hologram, he noted his clothing was an exceedingly modern, form fitting uniform, with a black and white and (as yet) unrecognizable patch on the sleeve and breast.

A holo-gun was attached to his thigh and he wore something around his middle resembling a belt with holo-tools attached, again, unique and somehow familiar.

Without warning he fell back and doubled over as a flash of light lit the room and he was standing in the middle of it.  Staring around, he recognized the men and women there, all wearing the same uniform and he was giving a speech while holding up a hologram of Damara.

“This woman is our enemy.  She’ll stop at nothing to obtain her goals.  In this – the only instance – shoot on sight.  She will kill you rather than be captured.  You have your orders!  Careful out there, all of you.  Watch your partner’s back!”  He nodded, they left and instantly he was thrown clear.  Grabbing his head, he nearly fell to the floor feeling faint, as though he’d lived many hours without food drink or sleep.

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