“Your right!”  Randal looked up into Sherry’s face.  “You’re not an artist!”  When he stared at her she laughed and kissed him, “But I love you anyway.”

Grinning Randal grabbed her, his kiss holding passion and heat, “I’ll take it.”

Germaine smiled at them and said, “Taking your artistry into consideration,” he smirked at Randal, “seriously, I get the distinct impression it’s a plane.  Look at the length of the room compared to the width.”

“Damn, why didn’t I notice that, you’re right. I wished I’d stayed longer.  I felt the connection with the other members of whatever unit I was involved with, especially the danger surrounding the evil witch.  Stands to reason I should have felt a connection inside that room.”

“Evil witch, I like that.”  Germaine laughed heartily.

“I’m thinking I should give it another go.  See what happens.”

“Would our presence make a difference do you think?”

“No idea, Germaine, but it can’t hurt.  Either she’s aware I’ve closed off the conduit, or she’s not; besides either one of you might notice something I don’t.  There’s a lot of “current” or magnetic force involved; neither adequately describes what happens.  At first, staying connected is difficult, once that connection happens, it’s even more difficult to pull away.”

“Since you two have a past, it could make that connection stronger somehow.”

“That was my thought too, Germaine.”  Standing Randal said, “No time like the present.  Let’s give this a go, see what happens.”

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