Geraldine Chaplin


They say everyone has one

And long ago I met mine

An exact replica, had me undone


I met my mothers, chased her down

In Hudson’s Bay, as she walked away

Exactly the same, from top to ground


Imagine my surprise when I became one too

Walking passed the theatre, a copy of her

A little fella saw me and out of the blue


Cried mummy, it’s the lady from the show

She pulled him close and said little

But he smiled in awe, instantly a new beau


Anyway, that’s my story about dopplegangers. 🙂

In reality, I was told I also looked like Mia Farrow (probably the colouring).

My grand daughter looks just like Geraldine too 🙂



4 thoughts on “Doppleganger

    1. My mother’s side is strong. My daughter grand daughters, all the nieces all look like my mother and her mother. My niece (whom I haven’t seen since her birth) visited last month. She is a complete mix of my mother and grand mother. She said she doesn’t look like anyone in the family, but seeing those pictures made her feel like she belonged. Then when she saw pics of me as at 20 she said omg, my sister looks exactly like you! Spitting image! Interesting what others see in us though, isn’t it? resemblances (mostly if they know you well, it’s mannerisms and movements and the like).

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