Together they entered Germaine’s bedroom, exchanging expectant yet nervous glances at one another.

“Any instructions, Randal?  Do we grab you and bring you back if it looks like your stuck?”

“Hopefully I won’t be.  I don’t want this affecting you and I’m not sure what the result would be if either of you touches me while I’m connected.  It could harm you.”

“It hasn’t harmed you though,” Sherry said.

“It’s possible the preexisting connection with Damara allows this to happen.  Since you don’t have that connection I’m not sure what would happen to you.”

Randal approached the mirror and uncovered it.  “Ok, here goes!”

Moving precisely as he’d previously done, the mirror exposed Damara hand fisting holograms in a tirade of anger.  Although she was screaming, they couldn’t hear her.  Germaine and Sherry moved closer to Randal careful not to touch him.

Randal was immediately immersed, drawn into the room, seeing everything Damara looked at.  Her anger was directed toward an unusual door that glowed.  She placed a hand on a section of the door, then dropped it to try again.

Randal glanced around the room, taking in the equipment, careful to look at as much as he could as long as he could.

He watched Damara shimmy and shake, a stunned look on her face.  He dragged himself back breaking the connection.

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