No need to stand on ceremony here

We’ve known each other many a year

Please come in, make yourself at home

No need to wander and to roam


What’s mine is yours, so the saying goes

It’s so true, just relax and who knows

What hijinks we’ll get up to this time

Burn the midnight oil, so sublime


Chatting, conversing, considering all

As we sit and drink a late highball

The song of the day, politics too

Awaiting our morning cup of brew


It’s as if we were never apart

Picking up right from the start

Reminiscing and plotting as well

Things we’ll do, only time will tell







5 thoughts on “Ceremony

  1. HI. Martha Kennedy suggested that you are interested in participating, perhaps even as a prompt generator for a replacement daily prompt. If you are, let me know. Thanks!

    1. I definitely am. My son is going to set a replacement daily prompt up if there’s enough interest. Takes quite a bit of work, but he’s willing since I enjoy it and think it’s such a loss to our community – indeed family – everyone enjoys reading it, plus it gives us an opportunity to meet others.

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