Sherry couldn’t explain the feelings of unease that shadowed her all day.  Even though both Germaine and Randal were sure she was safe, the feeling didn’t dissipate.  She looked twice at everyone that entered the premises.  Knowing Damara didn’t have eyes on her should have made her feel easier, it didn’t.  Talk about the sword of Damocles hanging over her head she thought shaking her head.  She’d never had reason to feel uncomfortable watchful or fearful for that matter.  Even knowing what Randal did for a living hadn’t fazed her.  Mostly because she’d never been personally touched by danger and hadn’t prepared herself to deal with it.  It wasn’t a comfortable feeling.


Randal sat back in his holo-chair closed his eyes picturing what he’d seen.  It was a plane and as he recalled events, realized it wasn’t stationary, he’d felt vibrations which meant she was hovering above them.  An ordinary plane couldn’t continuously hover and had to land so passengers could disembark.  This was no ordinary plane and meant she was controlling the situation in some fashion.


He immediately began pulling up documents on proposed aircraft, particularly futuristic planes in the planning stage.  She was doing it, therefore it existed.  Since she’d managed to get her grubby fingers on something ahead of its time, how when and where? Every encounter told him she was brilliantly evil.  The complexity of the situation suggested planning, down to the second.

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