I am heartbroken, literally.  For nearly 2 years (2 years in June) I will have written a daily prompt every single day, never having missed once.  Finding the prompt filled me with joy excitement and I was ecstatic, thrilled to the moon and back!  It quickly became a reason to get up each and every morning awaiting the word of the day on which to build a poem, a thought, a moment!

Not only did I have an opportunity to meet other writers, share their personal stories, which touched my heart beyond measure, but I found a community of interesting, talented, delightful, humourous, witty, savvy, intelligent people willing to share their expertise, brilliance, and who shared enjoyment with one another.  This is a community of incredibly gifted people.

The caring, warmth, affection, delight here is beyond measure.  The encouragement I’ve received here immeasurable! The acceptance and unconditional love and care, infinite!  This group of people have bonded, made a connection, showed generosity and are of the finest character to be found on this planet and they are “worldwide” not just local, in our own community, around the corner, but from every corner of the globe.

I’ve, as a result, been able to hone my craft, learned from other writers examples, enjoyed an opportunity to support other writers whether it be their poems, stories, concerns, cares – whatever the topic may be.  Each showing the same vulnerability I felt and continue to feel as you expose your inner self to the world.

There aren’t too many communities in the world where you receive this kind of acceptance.  I’ve been fortunate in my choice of friends and haven’t undergone the kind of viscious criticism that some have, where the goal is to tear down, rip apart, destroy, where the enjoyment is in hurting very cruelly and contemptuously, another person.

This is an admirable community whose soul goal has been to support, encourage and share.  You are the finest group of people I have had the good fortune to meet.  Being disabled and unable to get out much in the real world, this community has meant everything to me, on so many levels, I can’t even speak to because I would have to write a book about it, in order to cover it all.

I want to thank each and everyone who has stopped by to read my stories and poems.  Who offered a word or two to explain what they found enjoyable and who shared bits and pieces of their lives with me.  You are all a great joy, have brought much happiness to me on a daily bases.

My son is willing to create “Our Daily Prompt” and carry on as I’ve loved this so much.  I will keep you updated on this – I will require admins as I can’t possibly do this alone, my sight is quite poor.  He’s willing to go to great lengths to provide something I’ve loved and enjoyed so much.  If your interested, please leave me response.  It will take a bit of time, as he works full time, and we have grand children and etc. to take care of.  I don’t, therefore have a date I can give you at this time.  As soon as he is able (he was going to begin this past weekend) but life being life, interrupted.  Steph is looking at putting a prompt together as well.  Either way, we can continue.

Take care, until tomorrow, my daughter’s birthday, and our last day on the prompt.

xoxoxoxoxoxox to all!

9 thoughts on “Broken – Word Press Prompt – my take on this fabulous community.

  1. I would love to participate in whatever your son puts together. In the meantime, I will try to put out a daily prompt, with seven of us each taking a day. I lack the tech skills (and interest) in putting up a the infrastructure that is required for a more formal page, so I will do this casual version starting June I. With any luck at all, yours or another, better alternative will form, and my stop gap measure will be just that.

    1. I’m sure yours will be fine. I’m not sure what my son had in mind, a link of some sort that everyone could click on and share, but I don’t know the details. I’m thrilled your doing this. It’s meant so much to me to be in this community. You are all very special dear people.

  2. Daily prompts are not my cup of tea but I am delighted that I have met you on here and will be even more delighted to keep reading you daily ????

  3. As I said, I’m will to try, but the next couple of months are going to be very busy. Garry’s surgery is July 20, he has pre op before than, and a lot of post op afterwards. When he is up and running again, i can be available. Meanwhile, don’t forget me.

    1. I absolutely won’t forget you. I adore you! Step is going to have something up on June 1st (curioussteph) but we can’t just yet and I really don’t want to until you are available. I had to say something, the “broken” was just too apt to dismiss and I wanted to let this community know how much they mean to me and to so many others. xoxo I’m hoping you’ll be able to keep us updated and in contact regarding what’s happening with Garry, but also because I love everything you write.

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