Sherry was determined to overcome the eerie feelings surrounding her.  She continued to focus on her patrons needs as an idea began to ferment.  Perhaps what they, ok she, needed was a change for the evening.  Although both Randal and Germaine were intent on finding Damara and how this thing she had going was operating, it couldn’t hurt to take some personal time.

Tonight, she’d order in, they’d enjoy some wine together as friends, and she’d involve Randal in a night to remember.  For once, she’d wear something elegant and perhaps a little erotic to further those plans for their night together.  She smiled at the thought as ideas swirled through her mind.  After all, they couldn’t – shouldn’t – allow Damara to control their lives and every waking moment.

Randal brought up Webster’s board room.  There!  A mirror!  Fuel to the fire, he decided.  She’d been watching their proceedings, undoubtedly for some time!  Moving into Webster’s personal office, he noted a small round mirror nearly hidden by a voluminous tree just beside his desk.  If he were looking through it himself, he knew with absolute certainly he could watch Webster’s every move – every site accessed, and most definitely any and all passcodes used to access information, bank accounts and everything pertaining to his business and personal life!  Jumping up he yelled, “Eureka!  Yes!  Got you! Your days are numbered, Damara!” Finally!  A real breakthrough!

Eagerly, Randal continued his search.  If she hadn’t placed those mirrors, then who had?  He was positive she had an accomplice working hand in glove since it wasn’t conceivable she could access every location without someone noticing.

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