I thought, envisioned my last WP post would be a poem as I’ve written one nearly every single day with the exception of maybe 5 or 6 days or so on which I added a music video or meme instead.  Unfortunately, it won’t come to me.  I thought of silly trivial nonsensical stuff that really wasn’t important relevant or very interesting (even to me).  Suffice it to say, I wouldn’t burden you with that.  I went the other way instead..

I wrote my retrspective about WP post yesterday, in reality, (had I but known) and truly meant every word.

I realize there are other avenues in which to remain connected with those who I’ve followed, and who have generously followed me. 

After all I was the new kid on the block – filled with awe, excitement and I’ll admit, some trepidation. For I hadn’t considered how vulnerable I would feel in placing words (on a paper) for others to read.

  It was simple.  Was it?  My mind said, write something, my heart said, I’m not sure.  I did. In so doing, I’ve met some spectacular, wonderful men and women – writers!

  Before long, my empty page was full, becoming a full chapter of poems thoughts emotions and before I knew it, it was a compilation (good or bad) for others to read, and suddenly I was over the moon.  Excited, delighted, full of confidence and filled with glee.  What would I find today?  Who would I find today?  What topic would we discuss today?  With each person’s perspective, take, thought, idea, uniquely their own!  Equally treasurable for all that!

  I grew, my once empty scary start down the road of WP Daily Post wasn’t so unnerving, filled with trepidation.  It was full of delightful surprising wonderful views.

My eagerness knew no bounds and  I was leaping and bounding with joy.

No longer alone, growing, drinking in my surroundings.

I felt myself blossom and grow.

Sharing funfilled ideas thoughts humour and more!

Summer(s) came and went.

Followed by (a winter or two).

Followed by spring.

Thank you for being here, sharing, giving, encouraging.  A big smooch on the cheek to one and all.

Change is now upon us.  Which road will we take?

Our paths have crossed, intersected with joy and happiness.

Please keep in touch.  I value you all!

Happy journeys to one and all.

Phyllis (not signing off) simply moving on.  xoxoxo Hopefully with you by my side through our continued colaboration and journey.  :):)









13 thoughts on “Retrospective – In pictures :)

  1. I’m wondering if we could enter our last Daily Prompt entries, most of which, I’m sure, will be sad farewells, into the forum with the hopes that someone will see them and change their decision? Let’s at least try. Your good-bye was an effective one. It seems there are some plans for one of the DP bloggers to open up a site. I’m sure you’ll read the other entries today and perhaps it will be mentioned. Hope so. I don’t usually post URLS in comments, but in this case, want to share my feelings about the dearly departed.

    1. curioussteph is going to start a daily post for June lst. My son is going to get one up and running but I’ll need admins as I can’t possibly do this alone. I’m quite blind and behind the times (when once I was very adept at the back end stuff). Thank you for commenting too. I greatly appreciate it. I’m hoping others will also post. I’ll post about our blog and link when it’s up and running. (At the moment I’m thinking “Our Daily Post” as it will be run by US. Input will be welcome indeed! on a title, on words etc. Thank you so much, Judy (if I may).

      1. Can you use Mr. Linky to make it simple for us to access each other’s posts? Just putting them in the comments section, they get mixed in with other comments and I, for one, give up before I’m finished reading. If you need help regarding how to access Mr. Linky, perhaps I could find someone to help.

        1. I’ll write it down and have my son check it out. Brilliant idea! The simpler the better and I agree. That was my first thought – how to set this up so everyone can access immediately without fuss. I agree, I hate that too, one because our time is valuable, and because there are so many things to do in any given day. Thank you Judy very much indeed!

          1. I really appreciate your setting this up. The Daily prompt has totally changed my life and made writing a priority. I don’t want to lose that.

  2. I get all our emails of all your new posts, so I will not lose you by accident. They would have to also cut off all the communication between us! Hang on in there. We are not quite dead yet!

    1. I love you Marilyn! I talked to my son again this morning at 6 30 before he left for work. curioussteph is on board. Says hers is but a stop gap. Knowing that, he’s eager to continue. I’m loving it.

      1. Garry’s surgery is July 20th,but there’s going to be a lot of other stuff going on before and after that, so until that has finished its course, i won’t take on any new obligations. But after he’s over the hump, then, OK. But the world we have to wait for me!

        1. That’s not a problem! If Adam can get it up and running before then, good, if not, it’ll wait. And when your able and wish to be on board, that is the icing on the cake!

        2. That’s not a problem! If Adam can get it up and running before then, good, if not, it’ll wait. And when your able and wish to be on board, that is the icing on the cake! Any ideas on a name? I thought perhaps “Our Daily Prompt” but I’m definitely open to suggestions. (that name came as a result of everyone being involved and having a say)

  3. This was perfectly said. It is amazing how we have all nurtured each other into this blogging world. I feel the same way and look forward to the new prompting “team”. You won’t lose touch with me for sure…

    1. Awe, thank you so very much! It’s wonderful to hear. I love the people here. They are exactly as I described them. I wake every day, my first thought, “word prompt” and I have to admit I feel the loss.

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