Randal was touched at the extras on the dining room table.  Amid candles, a beautiful vase of aromatic flowers, sat an array of delicious food, some he knew were Sherry’s favourites, others, his with a smidge of extra spicy food Germaine enjoyed.

Sherry was dressed elegantly in a flowing kaftan that somehow accentuated her body without being obvious.  She’d taken care to provide a special dinner, ambiance seemed relaxed and at ease.

He pulled her to his side, wrapping an arm around her waist and hugged her tight.  “You are so lovely, precious one.  Thank you for this.”

“You’re welcome.”  She kissed him tenderly, a look in her eye that held promise and invitation.

Germaine discreetly looked away.  His being here could put a damper on their movements, but he admired the affection, the love that shone brightly in their eyes as their gaze lingered on each other.  One day, he thought, one day!

He told them to relax as he cleaned up when dinner was finished.  They sat outside enjoying the scene sipping their wine.  He was determined to make himself scarce, so at the first opportunity, he took himself off for a walk around the premises, deciding he’d head to his room and read or catch up on work.

Sherry and Randal relaxed, their conversation muted as they held hands.  Before long they were headed up to their bedroom and Sherry’s promised onslaught on Randal’s senses knew no bounds.  Indeed, she thought as she kissed his face, life was good.

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