Keep them guessing, that was her current motto.  Master magician!  Look over here, while I’m accomplishing my goal over there.  In truth, people were so gullible and easily taken in – if they weren’t, she’d be out of business.

Now that they were concerned about other things, she could move on with her plan.  One last raid on Webster’s should clean him out destroy his company leaving her minion to take over.  She’d be wealthy beyond her wildest dreams.

Percy had his instructions and was waiting for her command.  She wasn’t sure who he’d coerced into assisting him, but no matter, they were both easily dispensable and she’d been careful to structure every nuance so that should they be caught, it would not come back on her.

However, Percy wasn’t the dunce she’d taken him for, he had a back-up plan of his own.  He’d set up a whole persona that went back 15 years and which Damara was completely unaware of.  He’d only used it once or twice, to give the alias credence.

When the dust settled, however, he’d once again drop the alias.  He’d taken the precaution of using an “alias” that Damara knew about but whose identify she wasn’t aware of.    He’d duped his sister into tagging along to take pictures of Damara after crying on his sister’s shoulder.  He’d fabricated a well thought out tale in which Damara was threatening his very life using him against his will.  His sister was easy bait.  He’d long ago learned which buttons to push and her love for her only family member left, was the ticket.

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