Randal returned to the mirror.  Time for another trial run.  Perhaps he’d learn something more valuable to lead him to Damara and if not, give him a clue as to who her next target might be.

Within seconds, Randal was whisked into her location.  Scanning the room he saw a man and woman.  Holy shit, Martha Grimm alongside a man.  Staring intently at the man he was sure he knew him.  Martha Grimm’s brother, a different persona, but it was definitely him!  He continued watching as they stood staring intently at something or someone.  He couldn’t see who from the angle but the look on Martha Grimm was a mixture angry and scared while her brother’s look, a mixture of leer, sneer with a side of Cheshire grin.  He surely felt he had the upper hand in whatever caper they were involved in.  Randal pulled back and let go of the mirror when nothing else happened.

Replacing the cover, he sent Germaine an insta-hologram giving him the possible perps name and his accomplice, Martha Grimm.  Alright!  He hand fisted the air, now we’re getting somewhere!  Better to go through legal channels to obtain data on their where-about.  Good, good!  He was getting a handle on all the players involved.

Obviously, Damara had a plan in the works, and undoubtedly these two were part of it.  Easy access, Martha working at Webster’s.  He’d go over the holograms and find out if her brother had ever visited her or was working in disguise.  Yes!

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