Incipient buds began to grow

With tender love we’d hoe

As affection and bond blossomed

With time and care truly awesome


With each passing year together

Through everything, we would weather

Out firtile tree of love grew and grew

Strength from one another we drew


Until we’d been togeter fifty years

And still we felt like amateurs

In the arena of love and giving

Everything shared, a life worth living

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    1. No, the prompts aren’t back. However, several have created new ones. I’ve been trying to follow several.. Sheryl’s is new and I seem to make it work. curioussteph has another and so does GN but I can’t get his to work. I’ll keep trying all of them, lol as (can you tell, I love to chatter? ok, write, ok, write!) lol I miss it too and was going to do a link, but three popped up and work so I’ll leave it be for the moment 🙂

        1. The prompt I’ve posted is for words or pictures. For now it’s just posting a link in your post to the daily post I put up and then putting your Post’s link in the comment line of the daily post. Someday, if it catches on I will monetize the blog and pay for the linkup service to put the block links back up.

      1. Also, you can just put the link at the bottom of your text in your post or you can highlight one word and use the link button instead of making it the title of your post. Thanks for participating.

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