Phase Shift

Phase Shift 85


Together they looked over the holograms.  A clear representation of all three and indeed the look on Martha Grimm’s face was anything but adversarial. She looked pensive, almost sick with worry or concern.

Randal spent two days surreptitiously following her.  He knew her schedule and cornered her in the park where she sat with coffee and a bagged lunch.

“May I?”  he asked, and at her nod took up a position on the bench.  “You seem familiar,” he began.

“Possibly.  I have one of those faces.”  Her smile was timid.

“Perhaps if I explain how, you’ll understand,” he began.  “I’m not here to frighten you, Martha.”  She was so startled she nearly dropped her coffee and it splashed everywhere.  “You are Martha Grimm and you have a brother named Sykes.”  Her expression went from nervous to scared and wary.

“I do.  What’s this about?”

“I was on the force a few years back.  I witnessed you walk away from your brother’s latest activities that landed him in the cop shop.”  She didn’t know where to look and her gaze shifted back and forth across the park.  “You are a good woman, honest, straight.  You have obviously done your best to keep your brother on the straight and narrow, a thankless task as he seems bent on self-destruction.”  She dropped her head and tears filled her eyes.

“He’s the only family I have left.”

“I know that, Martha.  As I know your love for him is wholehearted.”



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