Laying under the old willow tree

A shared dream of you and me

Living out adventures together

True friendship always, forever


Whatever path we would now take

We’d always remember our handshake

That was a pact we made as kids

To meet up and explore pyramids


And here we stand side by side

Looking back with great pride

Having conquered our world

Whatever came our way, unfurled


Together we stood very tall

Nothing divide us make us fall

We lasted the course that was us

Sincerely grateful we could discuss


The dream as children we had

Me a young girl, you a young lad

Dreaming dreams we could share

Always together, a united pair


A New Daily Post Word Prompt – June 13th, 2018 – Word: Dream

8 thoughts on “Dream

  1. I put the URL or post address for this post in the comment section of the prompt blog for you so others can find your post. You can put it in the comment line anytime to attract readers to your post.

    1. I’ll show Adam so he can show me what to do 🙂 I can’t get it right. It either doesn’t post or disappears so I’m doing something wrong. lol that’s me though, these days – me and computers haha

      1. Sorry it’s not as simple as the WP version. I could look into it but it costs $$ and that’s not an option unless the prompt gets enough participants.

        1. Please won’t worry. I’ll get it figured out You are offering a wonderful thing, and I love it! I’ll keep doing what I’m doing until my son is able to assist. |He’s working crazy hours atm and he’s sick too so doesnt feel like doing much in his down time, so I’m leaving it for the moment. Sorry to inconvenience you, that’s my only concern

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